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Man found guilty of attempted murder

KLAMATH FALLS — A jury has convicted a 31-year-old man of attempted murder for shooting a deputy.

The Herald and News reports jurors found William Parkerson guilty of attempted murder and first-degree assault on Wednesday after about 30 minutes of deliberations.

Prosecutors say in 2014 Parkerson shot an officer in the face and torso during a traffic stop and fled. Klamath County Sheriff's Deputy Jason Weber survived the incident and now has a different job.

Defense attorney Michael Bertholf argued the shooter could have been Parkerson but also could have been someone else.

Officials say Parkerson will remain in custody without bail until his sentencing scheduled for August.

On Tuesday, a Klamath Falls woman told jurors that she was afraid for her life when she helped Parkerson flee after the shooting.

Prosecutors dropped charges against Karey Pascoe in exchange for her testimony.

Pascoe met Parkerson a few days before the shooting and was in an intimate relationship with him, she said. She testified that she left a drug house with Parkerson and was high on methamphetamine when she was pulled over by Weber in 2014.

According to Pascoe, Parkerson got out of the car and approached the deputy. She said she was reaching into her glove box for her registration when she heard a gunshot.

"When I looked back, I saw Jack standing and pointing like this," she said, indicating that Parkerson had a gun held in front of him and pointed at the deputy.

"I heard another shot and I turned back around really fast because I didn't want (Parkerson) to know that I saw him," she said. According to Pascoe, Parkerson got back in the car and ordered her to drive off.

"He said, 'Go! Go! Go! Drive!'" said Pascoe. "Who wouldn't drive? I mean, I felt like I didn't have a choice. He had a gun and had just shot someone."

Pascoe said her Jeep later ran out of gas, but the two continued to walk and hitchhike. They were picked up by a member of law enforcement while trying to hitchhike and arrested.

Defense attorney Michael Bertholf questioned Pascoe about her drug activity that day and said there were contractions in the affidavit Pascoe submitted to the court before her charges were dismissed. In that document, she said they travelled to different location after the shooting.

Pascoe said the affidavit was written by the attorney assigned to represent her at that time.

Bertholf also questioned Pascoe's motives, asking if she signed the affidavit simply to be released from custody after spending 576 days in jail. She said she did not.

Pascoe said she has been clean since her arrest with the help of drug treatment counseling.