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Fly-away falcon 'Captain Jack' still at large

KLAMATH FALLS — Despite multiple sightings in the area, Badger Run Wildlife Rehab officials say they still need help finding a lost falcon after the bird flew away during a demonstration in Downtown Klamath Falls May 14.

"Captain Jack," an American kestrel, has been seen on Lakeshore Drive and near Roosevelt Elementary School but has yet to be returned to his keepers.

He was one of multiple “animal ambassadors” participating in International Migratory Bird Day in Veterans Memorial Park but fled after something spooked him and he broke free from his tether.

Residents have recognized the bird by his small stature (about the size of a large robin) and the strips of leather hanging from his legs. Badger Run volunteers are eager to find Captain Jack because, with only one eye, they believe he may not be able to hunt and survive in the wild.

“I’m sure he’s frightened to death out of captivity,” said volunteer Pat Speers.

Speers personally rehabilitated Captain Jack after he was found years ago with significant head trauma, presumably from a dive gone wrong. Speers said those who find Captain Jack should notify Badger Run then attempt to safely contain the bird.

“He’s been gone for so long, we’re hoping that he’s been getting enough nutrition,” said Speers. “If you have any type of meat, try to get him to come down to where somebody can capture him.”

Speers said residents can call Badger Run at 541-891-2052 or herself at 541-884-8356.

“I’m retired, so I can take off almost any time,” she said.

Badger run operates a rehab facility north of Keno and keeps raptors and mammals for education and outreach to local residents. More information can be found at www.badgerrun.org.