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This pot is 'occupied'

Someone in the town of Rogue River is taking the porta-pot idea a bit too literally for the likes of local police.

A man walking his dog just before 9 a.m. today through the city's Anna Classick Park stopped to use the park's portable toilet and found it already in use — by a huge stash of marijuana plants.

Eight stalks of freshly cut plants as tall as 6 feet high were in the stall, without the red "occupied" warning on the door.

"It's the biggest seizure ever in our department," Rogue River Police Chief Ken Lewis says. "We've never seized that much. Who would have thought it would come from a porta-potty?"

Lewis says he didn't weigh the plants, but some of the stalks were as wide as 4 inches and loaded with marijuana buds.

"The biggest stalks were in the hole in the porta-potty," Lewis says. "Maybe they were trying to fertilize it. I don't know."

A city public works employee checks all the city's bathrooms, including this one, each morning for signs of vandalism and today's 5:55 a.m. check turned up no marijuana, Lewis says.

The plants were discovered at 8:55 a.m., he says.

Lewis says the plants could have come from anywhere, ranging from someone stashing them as a drop site to be picked up to a saw-wielding neighbor tired of the pungent smell of growing marijuana wafting over a fence.

But one thing Lewis does know is that photos of the marijuana extrication have been blowing up the department's Facebook page, setting department records with 457 shares, 77 comments and 263 likes by mid-afternoon.

As for what Lewis plans to do with the marijuana, he remains unsure.

"It's too much to put in our evidence room and it's really stinking up the place, but that's tomorrow's problem," Lewis says.

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Marijuana stalks were discovered inside this porta-potty in Anna Classick Park in Rogue River. Rogue River police photo
A Rogue River public works employee who wished not to be identified removes the marijuana. Rogue River police photo