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Letters to the Editor: Nov. 22, 2016

Remember statue's message

Should President-elect Trump become aware of the plaque under the Statue of Liberty that says, in part, "Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses yearning to be free ... " and "Send these, the homeless, tempest-tossed to me ..." by Emma Lazarus (1849-1887), would he rescind his edict to erect a wall on our border?

In any case, it appears that there is some dissonance between what the president-elect has been saying about erecting walls and the message on our venerated statue.

Also, I wonder: Since the last six words of our Pledge of Allegiance are "with liberty and justice for all," would he exclude people of divergent views, be they of political or cultural beliefs?

As a longtime (88 years) citizen, I for the first time am extremely disaffected by the results of the recent election.

Raymond Steinbroner


Stop your sniveling

In response to a letter of Nov. 16 bemoaning the election results, I would like to say, "Gosh, I'm sorry," but I'm not. Your sniveling isn't going to help anyone. It's time to put on your big-boy pants and deal with it.

Perhaps the letter writer could find a more socialistic country and move there. This country needed a wake-up call. This election spoke volumes. My only regret is that Tom McCall was not running for governor of Oregon.

(p.s., if the letter writer needs airfare, I'll be glad to cover it.)

Russell Gillette


Pitts crossed the line

Almost all of the columnists printed in this paper are leftist bomb-throwers. But the column by Leonard Pitts in your Oct. 31 paper takes the prize.

That was one of the most disgusting piece of trash I have ever read. It should have been thrown in the trash where it belonged.

After 50-plus years, at the end of my current subscription, I shall bid you adieu.

Ralph O. Wyant

Eagle Point

Living with a dictator

I don't think this election was rigged. I trust the results. What happened was too many whites, African Americans, Latinos, Asian Americans, Muslims and women voted for Trump.

You wanted a dictator, you got a dictator. Now we have to live with and survive this dictator.

He's no President Lincoln, but who cares about that? He was such a loser. After all, he was shot and killed, right?

Dan Heath


Love and disgust

I love my country with a passion second to no one. I am equally passionate in my dislike and disgust of the man chosen to be our next president.

An aside: How can a man who considers himself indispensable to the operation of his businesses and arrangement here and abroad also serve as president of the United States?

He should not and cannot be permitted to try.

John T. Mast


In troubled times, seek faith

The holidays are upon us, our newly elected officials will govern us and the world hopes for peace and tranquility. But many signs today point toward more turbulent times ahead and a conclusion to this present world.

Now the Son of God offers mercy and eternal life to any and all who trust in him. So as we look forward, let us not be burdened with rancor and division as the recent political campaigns were, but with faith in Him who promises true joy, hope and peace as we look to celebrate the holidays. God bless you all.

John Mark Matson


From Saipan to Safe Places

In 1943, my then-18-year-old dad went off to fight in the Pacific. After a year and a half, he returned, attended Harvard on the G.I. Bill, finished in three years, then attended Stanford for his MBA.

Fast-forward to 2016. Millennials are sobbing in the streets because their candidate didn't win the election. They are excused from school and taking tests and retreating to their safe spaces.

From Saipan to Safe Spaces in two generations.

What's next?

Chris Sinclair