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Letters to the Editor: Dec. 22

Thanks for diverse opinions

This is a “thanks” to the Mail Tribune for providing differing viewpoints. I always look forward to reading the columns written by Leonard Pitts Jr. He presents information, insights and reactions often focusing on race — black and white. His writing often causes discomfort while reading.

Here in Southern Oregon we seem to have little exposure to his level of experience and honesty, so reading his well thought-out reactions, which are often emotional, are important to help us examine issues that truly do effect us but from which we wish to distance ourselves. I think he is an “equal opportunity” columnist … he speaks with passion on prejudice and the effects that prejudice has on people around us.

We need reminders to examine how we move through life and how our beliefs do effect those around us … our friends, family and neighbors … our community.

K. Sloan


Contrasting leadership styles

If you saw President Obama's articulate year-end press conference, you would have noticed his eloquence, thoughtfulness and carefully worded responses to the inquiries from the press. He made me proud that he represents the America in which I believe.

In contrast, Donald Trump has never had a press conference to answer questions from reporters, but he chooses to hold victory rallies where the crowds are still chanting, "Lock her up, build the wall and CNN sucks."

The president-elect does nothing to quell this hateful rhetoric to heal the divisiveness; therefore, our decency as a country and the leader of the free world is in jeopardy! We need to regain our moral compass and empower dignity for everyone.

Bob Miller


'Vamoose' to LNG pipeline

This is the third LNG pipeline permit that Jordan Cove and Pacific Connector have applied for and FERC has denied them all. They need to be told to get what pipe is laid, if any, out of the ground, get their equipment hauled out and close down their offices. "Vamoose," now and not later.

I'm sure most of us are happy with FERC's decision, especially when foreigners come in and threaten eminent domain on property owners.

I hope that FERC sticks by its decision and doesn't give in when the Canadian company decides to submit a new application. I feel that if the company does, it may give false information that they have more foreigners wanting the LNG than was originally said for export.

Harold Saunders