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Letters to the Editor: Dec. 23

Tiny and dangerous houses

All cities in our nation have building codes followed by home inspections where compliance to these codes is enforced, with the exception of Medford's small wooden boxes with one window and one door.

Without electricity, a natural gas connection, or source of water, these supposed "homeless residences" are not in compliance with numerous building codes.

The first night of residence in their home, located at the intersection of Columbus and McAndrews, the residents discover the 20-degree weather outside is about the same temperature as inside the home. Shivering, miserable and cold, they will retreat to a community shelter for a warm night of sleep. The next day they will go to Goodwill or Salvation Army and obtain a kerosene, propane or charcoal stove to heat their small shelter.

If a charcoal source is used, the tightly enclosed wooden box will quickly turn into an asphyxiating death trap.

The Medford Fire Department along with the Medford Building Department should step forward to put an immediate stop to residential occupancy of these units. Basically, the "homeless residence" concept was a positive humanitarian gesture, yet building codes were designed to protect the potential residents from potential catastrophes.

Bill Walton

Central Point

Move our country forward

Upon spying Michael Steely’s monthly letter in Sunday’s MT, I knew I was in for a ride on the Vitriol Express-Christmas Edition. Once again, Steely launches another tirade about President-elect Donald Trump and all things that will be an alleged disaster in a "post truth" Trump administration.

On Dec. 19, the Electoral College confirmed the election of Donald J. Trump as our next president. Despite the phony "recount" stunt, the phony "Russian hacking" canard, the media bias and corruption and the fatal fundamental flaws in the Democratic candidate, Trump has won the election.

Let’s get on with the business of "Making America Great Again." Let’s get folks back to work. Let’s get the federal government out of our lives and bring back the economy that once made America proud.

There simply has to be some rational point in time in which the extreme left can let go and join the rest of us in moving our country forward. Trump deserves that chance. That is what we do in America.

Ted Krempa


Keep our air, water clean

There is widespread agreement that clean air and water are good things. All of the progress in this area has been due to regulations and their enforcement. Polluting industries have no other economic incentive to clean up their waste.

Eliminating the regulations to save industry their cost will have the inevitable consequence of polluters putting the costs onto society by returning to their polluting ways.

The Trump move to appoint an individual to head the Environmental Protection Agency who is committed to eliminating clean air and clean water regulations can have only one result: a return to toxic air and water. Is a polluted planet the greatness to which President-elect Trump aspires? I hope he can do better. I hope also that Senators Wyden and Merkley agree.

Ken Deveney