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Impeach Trump now

A campaign to Impeach Trump Now is being initiated by cities. So far, Alameda and Richmond, California, and Charlotte, North Carolina, have approved the resolution to impeach Trump. The resolution is based on the Emoluments Clause of the Constitution that bars presidents from accepting gifts or making a profit from foreign states or domestic sources. I propose that local cities in Oregon pass this resolution without delay.

In the three months he has been in office Donald Trump has created ample grounds for impeachment based upon several Constitutional provisions. Examples of violations of these Constitutional provisions include but are not limited to the following:

Emoluments Clause (Article I, Section 9, Clause 8): “No Payments, Remunerations, Rewards, Fees, Benefits, Compensations from Foreign States or Domestic Sources”

Donald Trump has declined to divest himself of his businesses, both domestic and foreign. Accordingly, he will receive emoluments from foreign and domestic sources, including federal, state and local governments, in violation of the Emoluments Clause of the Constitution.

Moreover, he is exploiting his position to increase revenues from his domestic hotels where foreign heads of state now are induced to stay. Soon after taking office the membership fee of his Mar-a-Lago resort doubled to $200,000 per year.

Trump’s revised executive order to ban travel for 90 days from Syria, Iran, Yemen, Sudan, Somalia and Libya has been blocked by a Federal judge. Excluded from the lists are several majority-Muslim nations where the Trump Organization is active, even though some of those countries have terrorist elements.

According to CNN, Trump has 144 businesses in 25 foreign countries. Based upon his actions over the past three months, Trump has shown a tendency to negatively exploit the office of President to benefit his businesses and favor the countries in which he has businesses.

The 25th Amendment (Article II, Section 1): Congress may remove both the president and vice president due to “inability” — among other reasons — and declare what officer shall then act as president.

Twenty-six thousand mental health professional have signed the petition started by Dr. John Gartner, a registered psychotherapist from Johns Hopkins University Medical School, calling on Trump to be removed from office due to his apparent mental illness. Also, there have been numerous erudite accounts by respected psychotherapists concerning his narcissistic personality disorder. It is not just that Donald Trump is incompetent. He is “unable” to fulfill the duties of the office of president in a reasonable and prudent way.

High crimes and misdemeanors (Article II, Section 4): A few definitions that are applicable to Donald Trump’s impeachment include abuse of his power and authority, intimidation, dereliction of duty, and conduct unbecoming.

A few examples of impeachable actions include: constant lies, chaos-producing activities involving international agreements and his administration, intimidation of his opponents, insulting other national leaders, dereliction of duty relative to refusal to disclose his taxes and refusal to divest himself of his financial holdings, covering up his Russian contacts, likely engagement with Russia involving intervention in U.S. elections (treason), nepotism, attacks on freedom of speech/press and excluding the press from his hotel, misogynistic comments, and anti-Muslim legislation (which was declared unconstitutional). All of these behaviors speak to “conduct unbecoming” of a president.

Impeachment actions were initiated against Bill Clinton for lying about his sexual conduct. Donald Trump’s impeachable actions have outstripped Bill Clinton’s by a mile.

The question for me is not so much “why” impeach Trump as, “what are we waiting for?”

John Bonifaz, founder of the Campaign to Impeach Trump Now, says,

“Passage of the resolution is not just about Trump. It is about us. Who are we as people? Will we defend the Constitution? Will we defend democracy? Will we defend the fundamental principle that no one is above the law, not even the president of the United States?”

What are you waiting for? Do it now! Engage your city to join the Impeach Trump Now Campaign. Become the first city in Oregon to pass a resolution for impeachment.

— Heidi Sieberts of Talent is a member of the Rogue Valley Committee to Impeach Trump Now.