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Letters to the editor: Aug. 1

Not well represented

Millionaires want to be billionaires, and they want to be trillionaires, ad infinitum. Money is the blood that courses through them.

Trouble is, they are the ones in charge of our government and they could care less for anyone else, sad.

What to do? That is the question. I am not well represented by Trump and his buddies.

Jack Eagleson


Call the GOP ReTrumpians

In an article by Erica Werner (Associated Press), “Yet most Republicans argue that failing to deliver on their promises to pass repeal-and–replace legislation would be worse than passing an unpopular bill because it would expose the GOP as unable to govern ... .”

Of course this is the Republicans' attempt to repeal the Affordable Care Act, which is apparently all they have been doing for the last eight years plus. But what really boggles the mind is that anyone would vote for these people. Look at how low their policy is in the polls.

Republicans are drunk on power and still accomplishing nothing, or worse than nothing, which is stated in Werner’s article about the Republicans doing anything (even if it’s bad and not well-thought out) to appear that they're still in charge. Sounds like a lot of self-serving ego and pride, rather than working for those they represent.

These are the weirdest times ever, having our government oppress its own people. Every day there is a new tweet by Trump to keep the masses upset.

The Democrats should be called the “New Conservatives,” as they are actually working for the good of all.

Kathy Lambie


Not all rights respected

Rights are a funny thing.

We think we have constitutionally guaranteed rights. A right to free speech, unless you’re a conservative in Berkeley or Portland. Property rights, except in the case of back taxes or they decide you’re a drug dealer. Second Amendment rights, unless the city/state decides otherwise.

The right to choose, except in K-12 education. Liberty, unless you smoke a weed or have professional sex, both victimless activities. An absolute right to using abortion for birth control, but at what point does the fetus have rights?

Is there a right to a living wage, regardless of the amount of effort put out? Some say they have a right to health care, but what they really mean is the right for someone else to pay for it. Why not a right to adequate food and proper shelter also?

I had health care and a doctor of my choosing. Then I was mandated to take Obamacare, with few choices, high premiums, very high deductibles, but free birth control. I’m 64 and male. It’s useless.

I believe we have a right to efficient government for the benefit of legal citizens instead of the bloated, self-serving, idealistic one we have.

Larry Fields


Support impeachment

I am a registered Republican, but I did not vote for Donald Trump. I knew before he was elected that he had no integrity or decency. He tells his supporters what they want to hear without any regard for facts. His rhetoric brings out the very worst in many of our citizens.

This country faces real challenges. North Korea has had nukes and now has ICBMs. Our national debt is crippling our economy. Health care has become unaffordable for many. We have turned our backs to the world and they have turned their backs on us.

Trump doesn’t care about our country or finding solutions to our problems; he cares only about himself. His only talents are bragging and belittling others; he is incapable of accomplishing anything constructive.

But there is hope. The Founding Fathers made a provision in the Constitution to remove tyrants. If you agree that the Trump presidency has been a disaster, I urge you to put Rep. Walden and Senators Merkley and Wyden on your speed dial. Call them every day and tell them that they need to support articles of impeachment against this man. We cannot afford 3½ more years of a Trump presidency.

Steve Cannon


Letters to the editor: Aug. 1