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Noah: New website ahead. Breathe.

Whenever my best friend and I are going through a rough patch, we tell each other: “Breathe. Chin up. Chest out. You got this.”

I told her she’d better put me on speed dial at 8:30 a.m. Tuesday, when we (lord willing) flip the switch on something we’ve been working on for many months: our new website and mobile app.

Having gone through this process before, I know these things to be true:

1. Some people will love the new website and app. They’re clean, they scroll faster, and they’re easy to use.

2. Some people will hate them. They’ll have trouble finding what they’re looking for. Nothing looks the same. There’s nowhere to log in.

Ever since the Mail Tribune and Ashland Daily Tidings were purchased by Rosebud Media LLC in June last year, we’ve been working to get off systems run by GateHouse, our previous owner. GateHouse operates on a model in which economies are made through centralization. Payroll, circulation, ad creation, page design, etc. — all were run through corporate.

Separating ourselves from GateHouse has been like isolating blood vessels from skin: painful, time-consuming and bloody.

We’re in the final throes of surgery, however, and we think we’re going to pull through just fine. (May I just say, our surgeons — otherwise known as IT guys — have been brilliant, patient, long suffering and diligent for so long I would give them the Mail Tribune’s Hero Award if we had one. Note to self: Establish a Mail Tribune Hero Award.)

The last vestiges of this separation have been our website and mobile app, which are set to go live Tuesday. As you scroll down, you’ll see news, entertainment, sports, Oregon Outdoors, podcasts and photo galleries on the home site for easy access.

At the top, you can click on the “More” button to find the E-Edition, how to submit announcements, calendar, TV Tempo and lots of other useful (we hope) information on our website.

There are also handy social media icons you can click on to get directly to our Facebook and YouTube pages, among others.

What you won’t see is a place to log in. That’s because we’re still finalizing the circulation part of our separation from GateHouse, so until that’s finished, you can enjoy everything on the site log-in free.

We’ll be continuing to perfect the website in the coming weeks, so if you have suggestions, drop me a line at cnoah@rosebudmedia.com.

But do me a favor: Have a little mercy. Our website and app, like us humans, are a work in progress.

Reach Editor Cathy Noah at 541-776-4464 or by email at cnoah@rosebudmedia.com.