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Mail Tribune 100, July 5, 1918 Continued

The following news items were drawn from the archives of the Mail Tribune 100 years ago.

NOTE: The Mail Tribune did not publish a paper on July 6, 1918.

Mail Tribune 100, July 5, 1918, continued


At the special meeting of the city council Wednesday night there was considerable conversation and comparatively little action. The salaries of the employees in the street and water departments were raised from $5 to $10 a month, the reason being that the high cost of living has made it impossible for the men to live on what they have been getting. As City Engineer Arnspiger expressed it, if the city should refuse to raise the wages, the men would leave and the city would have to pay the increase to new men without experience. There was no opposition to the measure.

Joe Gagnon asked for free water for his lumber mill, such as has been granted to the Applegate Lumber company and this was allowed after a debate lasting for half or three-quarters of an hour.

It was decided to rescind the action recently taken regarding accepting the deed to Senator Chamberlain’s property in this city, it being decided such action would be inadvisable at the present time.

The two ordinances designed to clean up the rooming house evil in Medford, as recommended by the state council of defense and the war department, were finally passed after a long and vociferous barrage fire by Councilman Keene, who finally cast his vote for the measure on the plea that the war department had made the request and it should be granted but he believed the action would lead to no earthly good. An emergency clause was attached which renders both measures immediately operative. Councilman Hargrave at the close of the meeting tendered his resignation from the council to take effect July 10th, when he leaves for the east for several months’ post graduate work. There has been no more efficient and conscientious city official than Dr. Hargrave and the mayor and council refused to accept the resignation.


A woman named Edwards who operated the Florida rooming house, was arrested by Chief of Police Hittson last night and put up $25 cash bail for her appearance in police court this morning. Up to early this afternoon she had failed to appear and it was said that she had left town. A man who was in the rooming house at the same time was also arrested but was released in court today. This is the initial arrest in the clean-up campaign against rooming houses.

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