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Mail Tribune 100, July 11, 1918

The following news items were drawn from the archives of the Mail Tribune 100 years ago.

July 11, 1918


That the 69th artillery battalion, in which are a large number of former Seventh company members, is about to depart from Fort Stevens within the next few days for an unknown destination is indicated by telegrams received from a number of the boys by relatives in this city today. Nearly ever telegram asked that money be sent the writer and contained the words “Going soon.”

Letters also received here in the last few days told that the command was all equipped and ready to go. It is not known what route the battalion will take but if it should come thru Medford and word of its coming reached here in time it is certain the people would turn out and give the local boys a great farewell like they did when the 65th artillery battalion passed through en route east.


In the early days of our country grandmother was the druggist, and her drugs consisted mostly of roots and herbs gathered from the fields and forests. There was peppermint for indigestion, mullen for coughs, skullcap for nervousness, thoroughwort for colds, wormwood for bruises and sprains and so on. They were successful remedies, too. It was from a combination of such roots and herbs the Mrs. Lydia E. Pinkham of Lynii, Mass., more than forty years ago, originated her now famous Vegetable Compound; and during all these long years no other remedy has ever been discovered to restore health to ailing women so successfully as this good old-fashioned root and herb medicine. — Adv.


The library is able to make special arrangements with those who wish to take out books for vacation reading. Because more books are on the shelves in the summer it is possible to lend them in larger groups and for longer time than the regular two weeks. Volumes of short stories may be taken out by those who picnic for the day and there are novels and stories of all kinds suitable for camping trips and longer stays.

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