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Mail Tribune 100, July 23, 1918

The following news items were drawn from the archives of the Mail Tribune 100 years ago.

July 23, 1918


Chief of Police Hittson and Night Officer Timothy in arresting two men and women, strangers in the city who were residing in a small rented house on Riverside avenue, evidently not only rid the city of evil company, but also apprehended a man thought to be a crook, and infected white slaver and a slacker from army service.

The latter, who gave his name as James Charles Fredericks, was taken in charge by the federal authorities and taken by Deputy United States Marshal Tichenor to Portland last night.

The other man, Jim Cornell, who with his sister, rented the house on Riverside, is held on a vagrancy charge and will be tried in police court late today or on Wednesday. His sister and another woman were taken before County Prosecutor Roberts for questioning, but because of the lateness of the hour were released to come back the next day. They fled form the city. The party had only been at the house a short time and came to Medford from California.

The white slavery accusation against Fredericks, who is about 30 years old, consists in his having brought Hazel Lora Emery from California to this city, put her to work, taking her earnings. It is also said that at the Riverside hours a number of young women came from California to visit him. When arrested by Chief Hittson last Saturday, Fredericks claimed to be 33 years old and therefore beyond draft age, but the chief found a registration card in his pocket. Tools such as are used by burglars were also found in his possession. Letters also proved that he was a slacker.


Earl Tumy writes from Camp Kern, San Diego, that he has been transferred to a machine gun company attached to the 40th division and expects to leave for England, where the machine gun units are trained, within a month. He states that it is a national guard division, not national army, and that he is one of the smallest men in his company, which averages well over six feet.

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