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Mail Tribune 100, Aug. 5, 1918

The following news items were drawn from the archives of the Mail Tribune 100 years ago.

Aug. 5, 1918


The Case Six heretofore has been very little before the public due to the fact of the Case people placing their cars with their implement dealers, who in most instances considered an automobile a sideline and did not put the car before the public.

The new Case Six attracted so much favorable comment that the liveliest and most progressive dealers in the country literally burglarized the old dealers and consequently the car is now without doubt the most talked of automobile in America today.

In Portland, Oregon, Mr. J.H. Grasham whose meteoric rise in the automobile business has placed him as one of the leading dealers in the state, took over the Case line and in the short space of time he has distributed the car has led all makes in this class in number of sales.

The Case car has wonderful line and the car being driven in this state by Claud Miles, formerly of Medford, is painted a beautiful buff color and anyone with an eye to the artistic will take more than a second look. A noteworthy feature is the absence of the usual gingerbread panels, etc., usually so prominent in the car of today, something to catch the eye of the gullible buyer; instead of this camouflage, the trim flowing lines, wonderful paint job, and luxury of inside appointments appeals to the eye in the same manner and contrast as would a neatly tailored person wearing good plain materials as against the Xmas tree effect in apparel. If appearance and performance count for anything the car will be the most popular car ever introduced in southern Oregon and the dealer who happens to land the Case contract will indeed be fortunate.

Mr. Miles has severed his connections with the D. C. Wan Motor company, of which Mr. DeLay is manager, and will handle Chevrolets, Scupps, Booth and Republic trucks in Washington for Mr. Graham and distributory work in Oregon for the Case.


The beautiful service flag of the Parents, Wives and Next of Kin association, which has just been completed, is on exhibition in the show window of Heath’s drug store. At present the flag contains 100 stars. On the back of each star is the name of the soldier it represents, and below the flag is a typewritten list of all the soldiers for whom there are stars.

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