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Mail Tribune 100, Aug. 15, 1918

The following news items were drawn from the archives of the Mail Tribune 100 years ago.

Aug. 15, 1918


In accordance with the proclamation of President Wilson the county draft board today announced that all young men who have become of age since June 25 last must register for military service on August 24th. This applies only to those who have become of age since June 5th, or who will be 21 years old on or before August 24th, and this special registration should not be confused with the coming big general registration in September.

Last night ten young men, all volunteers, were started by the draft board to Portland to take the mechanical course at the Benson Polytechnical Institute. They were E. S. Young, W. C. Grim, S. V. Bell, W. B. McDonald, R. M. Hayman, W. M. Davis, G. W. Davis, G. H. Drake, C. A. Burkhardt, and J. B. Bushong.

Ten more drafted young men will leave within a few days for Camp Lewis caused by rejections of Jackson county men in a recent large contingent sent to that cantonment. The are Leroy J. Jessenaure, G. W. Macgraeriter, H. H. Lee, Roy Vaughn, Guy Waddell, E. M. Brigham, E. G. Robertson, Owen Conover, E. E. L. Pritchard, and N. R. Zimmerman.


Considerable excitement was caused by an auto accident at the corner of East Main street and North Central this forenoon, in which fortunately no one was seriously injured. Had it not been for the presence of mind and quick action by C. T. Henselman, driver of the Ashland interurban car, a number of persons might have suffered serious injuries and two cars would probably have been badly wrecked.

The interurban car, which had had the right-of-way, was coming west on Main street, when from South Central avenue, a car containing Rev. W. R. Morenz-Oeser and family and driven by his daughter, crossed the street to North Central. Henselman had to make up his mind in a second to turn aside sharply or else crash into the car in front in which held several children.

He swerved his car so sharply into North Central that it was thrown over on its side by the Jackson County Bank building. The three passengers in the interurban scrambled out from the overturned car as quickly as possible, and only one of them, Miss Poley of Ashland, was found to have been hurt. She had suffered a cut on the cheek which bled profusely. As an old man emerged from the car and arose to his feet he soberly inquired of Henselman, “Is this Medford?” thereby causing much laughter to the gathered crowd.

The interurban car suffered considerable minor damage but was able to leave the scene without aid. Much praise was heard from witnesses of the accident for the conduct of Mr. Henselman, who has the reputation of being a very careful driver, which alone avoided a serious accident.

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