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Mail Tribune 100, Aug. 20, 1918

The following news items were drawn from the archives of the Mail Tribune 100 years ago.

Aug. 20, 1918


At the federal employment agency in the Nash hotel building six men enlisted yesterday to take employment as helpers in the shipbuilding yards at Portland and Astoria. There were many other applicants and the outlook is that from 15 to 20 men will be sent out by the government on a special coach attached to the regular passenger train Wednesday evening. Only helpers are being enlisted now, and not skilled mechanics. Nor are men enlisted who are needed in farm industry.

The enlistment of applicants will be continued all day today up to 9 p.m., and all day Wednesday. Of the six who enlisted yesterday for a period of six months only, one was from Medford. The six were George H. Spencer of Madison, Wis., T. J. Atkinson of San Diego, J. J. Baker of Medford, C. J. Pabitt of North Bend, Ore., T. W. Hill of Ashland, and one other whose name is withheld for the present.

R. R. Howard, special representative of the Astoria Marine Iron Works at Astoria, Ore., arrived in Medford this morning to assist in enrolling at the federal employment agency of skilled mechanics for the installation of machinery in government wood ships. The Astoria Marine Iron Works is charged with the final fitting up of all the government wood ships for seven different yards in the lower Columbia river district, and it is the hope to enroll a number of skilled mechanics from non-essential industries.


Fred S. Stripp, superintendent of the Medford district of the Metropolitan Life Insurance company for the past 14 months, has been promoted to the superintendency of the Spokane district of the company, and leaves for Spokane next Friday to assume the new position. Mrs. Stripp and their children who have been visiting relatives at Arlington, Wash., will join him there in a few weeks.

Much regret is felt generally thruout the city over Mr. Stripp’s leaving Medford, altho his many friends rejoice in his promotion. He has been one of the leading and most tireless workers since coming to Medford in all the war activities, and for these invaluable services alone he will be sorely missed. He also found time to take an active interest in all civic and public movements.

Several moths ago Mr. Stripp was elected chancellor commander of Talisman lodge, Knights of Pythias, and as last night’s meeting was his last with the lodge, the occasion was made a veritable love feast and farewell in his honor.

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