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Suspected burglar foiled by residents

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A west Medford neighborhood targeted by a burglar in recent weeks has been on high alert.

On Wednesday morning, the perp showed up again and began helping himself to property from about eight to 10 homes inside the Spring View Estates mobile home park along Kings Highway, residents said.

That afternoon, Medford police reached out via social media seeking the public’s help in locating 28-year-old Jordan Ronald Lundgren after videos and photos taken by neighbors allegedly showed Lundgren, recently released from prison for a previous burglary conviction, as the suspect in the Wednesday thefts.

Neighbors say they called 911 around 4:30 a.m. and again at 5:46 a.m. after witnessing the man believed to be Lundgren taking property from various houses. Resident Christopher Bray said his dogs alerted him to some outside noise around 5:30 a.m., and he said he recognized the burglar from security camera videos captured earlier in the week.

Bray said his family had some bicycles and other items taken from his property last week, but an alert neighbor foiled the burglary and the items were recovered nearby.

“My dogs were barking, and since we had all the thefts last week, I was kind of already on alert. When the dogs barked, I just had a sense, so I instinctively jumped out of bed and looked out the blinds and saw him walking up my neighbor’s driveway, then he disappeared,” Bray said.

“I called 911, and they said they were sending someone out, so then I kind of waited for a few minutes. I grabbed a (club). I wanted to go out there pretty bad, but I didn’t know if he had a weapon in his backpack or not.”

When Medford police responded they were unable to locate the suspect. Bray said neighbors shared security footage with police and pointed out a suspicious vehicle, but officers did not initially check on the vehicle.

“After the first time, when the cops left, I called my neighbor and said, ‘Hey, let’s go for a walk. Let’s go look.’ We walked over to the truck, and here was all this stuff that had been stolen — a bike, bass guitar, camping stuff, speakers,” Bray said.

The truck, a 2013 Tacoma TRD Sport parked near the neighborhood entrance, showed up on security cameras Wednesday at the same time as the man identified as Lundgren. A post on the yard sale app Letgo, and on Facebook, showed him trying to sell the truck, a 2013 Tacoma TRD Sport, for $26,500 last week.

One neighbor stayed with the truck and called police to return while Bray and another neighbor looked for its driver. While searching, they found piles of stolen property tucked near the road in a nearby park and near fences.

“We finally see this guy walking, and he pretended to stretch, like he was just someone jogging, out getting some exercise. He had several sets of keys in his hand, so we said, ‘Oh, hey, they’re getting ready to tow this truck, because there have been some thefts.’ And he says, ‘Oh, no, that’s my truck.’ Then he said, ‘I didn’t do anything!’” Bray recalled.

The suspect then took off on foot and was last seen heading into a field near a park at 2111 Kings Highway. Bray and neighbors found items stashed in a field there, including prescription medication stolen from one of the neighbors, bolt cutters, wire snips, Nike tennis shoes, gloves, and what Bray described as “burglary tools.”

Resident Davis Teresi said neighbors suspected the thief would return.

“After we found the truck full of stuff, I posted on Facebook and said, ‘Hey, did anybody lose a bass guitar?’ Within not even minutes someone said yes, they had, a few nights ago, and a mountain bike, too. He hit a whole bunch of houses around here,” Teresi said.

Residents Sarah and Riley Scripter recovered camping gear stolen last week after Wednesday’s incident.

“A neighbor called early this morning and said, ‘Hey, all your stuff is in back of this truck parked over here. So we got our stuff back, because it was in the truck bed from last time he was here stealing from people,” said Riley Scripter.

“It’s kind of hard to sleep at night when you have someone lurking around your house trying to steal from you. When we saw the truck that our stuff was in, we realized we had seen the guy drive through here a bunch of times before he came back to steal from everyone.”

Lundgren was sentenced to four years in prison in March 2015, after stealing more than $11,000 worth of items from three Medford homes earlier that year.

Then 23, Lundgren pleaded no contest to three counts of first-degree burglary in Jackson County Circuit Court and was ordered to serve four years in prison, three years of post-prison supervision and pay $6,281 in restitution.

Lundgren was released in December. Jackson County sheriff’s deputies arrested him Aug. 10 on felony charges of possessing heroin and possessing methamphetamine, misdemeanor charges of third-degree theft and second-degree disorderly conduct, and for violating his parole on a prior cocaine-possession conviction.

Bray said he was angered by the repeat thefts and hoped residents would be more vigilant.

“When I saw him this morning out my window, I was enraged. To think of him lurking around outside my home where my family lays their head at night. He had already been here to steal from people and came right back to do it again,” Bray said.

“We work hard for our stuff, and to have somebody come in and rip us off. It’s not right, and we’re not going to put up with it anymore.”

Medford police impounded the Tacoma pickup Wednesday. Medford police Lt. Justin Ivens asked that any residents with information about Lundgren’s whereabouts call police at 541-770-4783.

“It’s a nice-looking truck,” Ivens noted. “We’re thinking he’ll probably want to be calling us to figure out how to try and get it back.”

Buffy Pollock is a freelance writer living in Medford. Email her at buffyp76@yahoo.com.