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Mail Tribune 100, Aug. 28, 1918

The following news items were drawn from the archives of the Mail Tribune 100 years ago.

Aug. 28, 1918


A practical demonstration of the Fordson tractor was held at the Hamilton Patton ranch Tuesday and was largely attended. It was the first demonstration of the new Ford tractor held in the county and the local agents, C. E. Gates Auto Co., were pleased with its excellent showing, as well as the visitors. It pulled two twelve-inch plows in both dry and wet sticky and in the former, a man rode on the beam of each plow for ballast. It plowed nine-inch furrows, did it easily and cavorted around like a spring lamb.

The Fordson tractor is almost as simple mechanically as the Ford car. In fact, it has virtually the same power plant as the Ford, except that the motor is sturdier and more powerful.

Also, instead of the Ford transmission it has three speeds forward and one speed in reverse, with gear shift lever.

One particular fine feature about the Fordson is the accessibility of the power plant. There is nothing complicated about it, and it can be gotten at in almost any part in a few moments. In fact, the whole power plant, tho enclosed as to be dust proof, is right in the open with only the gasoline tank over it.

The spark and throttle levers are virtually the same as on the Ford car.


Thirty-five more Jackson county young men, most of whom are in the 1918 class, who had been inducted into the military service by the draft board departed early last evening for Camp Lewis. Many relatives and friends of the boys who came from all parts of the county were at the depot to bid them good-bye.

It was the youngest draft contingent that has yet left for war service, as the majority of the selected men were 21 year olds who registered on June 5th last. They were in fine spirits at the depot as were the assembled crowd of well wishers. Because of the draft board’s ruling not to make public the time of departure of draft contingents or the names of the selected men prior to departure, the crowd to bid the boys farewell was not as large as has greeted other departing bodies of selected men from the city.

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