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Mail Tribune 100, Aug. 31, 1918

The following news items were drawn from the archives of the Mail Tribune 100 years ago.

Aug. 31, 1918


The smoke haze which hung over the valley obscuring the sun’s rays most of today comes from numerous forest fires burning in Jackson county and adjacent territory, the extreme heat of the past week having again made the fire situation in the hills a menacing one. Fire fighters are badly needed for immediate work on the fires.

In the Applegate

A fresh forest fire on Steve’s fork of Carberry creek near Steamboat in the Applegate district, which had been burning for several days and which now covers 1,000 acres, was fanned by a high wind which arose yesterday into a swift spreading and traveling conflagration. So fast did the fire travel that Dr. Barker, the retired physician of Jacksonville who is the lookout at the forest lookout station on Steve’s peak, had barely time to escape with his life. He saw the flames coming up the mountain at some distance away and seizing a few personal effects ran with all his might for a mile or more to safety. The flames reached the lookout station a moment after his departure and destroyed it and all its contents. As yet this forest fire has not gotten into heavy timber.

A huge fire with a 14 miles front is raging in the Siskiyou national forest in Josephine county near Patrick’s creek, about half way between Frants Pass and Crescent City. In response to a call for help made on the local forestry office six men were hurried from here to Grants Pass last night.

Another brush fire covering several hundred acres is burning on Brush creek in the Steamboat district, and still another fire of about the same dimensions is burning at the head of the middle fork of the Applegate river, in heavy timber.

A smaller fire in timber and brush which as yet has only burned over 100 acres, is burning on Clover creek a tributary of Carberry creek in the Applegate country. Federal Forest Supervisor Rankin phoned in to his office this morning from the Prospect district that he had men fighting a fire near Brown’s cabin, but gave no other detail.

The local forestry office is badly in need of fire fighters and so far has been unable to get them. Assistant Forest Supervisor Foster with several aides combed the valley and country districts yesterday for fire fighters but could only obtain 12, whereas 23 are needed. It was hoped that by tonight at least 40 men could be at work on the forest fires in this federal district.

A fire has burned for a week in the hills near the Gold Hill district and spread over a large area of brush and scrub timber.

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