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Mail Tribune 100, Oct. 9, 1918

The following news items were drawn from the archives of the Mail Tribune 100 years ago.

Oct. 9, 1918


David Wark Griffith, who produced “Hearts of the World” and “Birth of a Nation,” found more than enough material for one picture in the months he spent in Europe, and he has produced another spectacle whose locale is England, called “The Great Love,” which come to the Page Friday and Saturday. He has used practically the same cast as he used in “Hearts of the World,” including Lillian Gish in the leading role of Susie Broadplains, and Robert Harron. A notable addition is Henry B. Walthall who played the role of the “Little Colonel” in “The Birth of a Nation.”

Others are Gloria Hope, George Fawcett, Rosemary Theby, George Siegmann and Maxfield Stanley. So interested were the people of England in this production and the spirit in which it was produced that Griffith adds to his professional cast, the Dowager Queen Alexandra, the Princess of Monaco, Lady Diana Manners, daughter of the Duke of Rutland and known as the most famous beauty in England; Miss Elizabeth Asquith, daughter of the former prime minister of England; Lady John Eavery, the Countess of Drogheda, and Hon. Mrs. Montague. Altogether there has never before been such an assemblage cast in a motion picture.


The public library calls attention to a pamphlet it has just received called “A manual of physical exercise prepared for general use,” and issued by the committee on physical reserve on the National Security league. Besides the system of setting up exercises, it gives environment and eating suggestions.


Regarding the ruling of the war industries board whereby shoes are to become cheaper, and none may retail for more than $12 a pair after June 1, 1919, the actual facts are that the average price of shoes will be higher this winter. Wholesale houses are announcing radical advances. The cutting of shoes in the factories under the new schedule begins Oct. 15, but these shoes will not reach the average buying public until next spring and summer. Hence while it reads fine regarding cheaper shoes in the future, that future is located about the first of next June or thereabouts.

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