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Before Family Fun Center there was Golf-O-Rama

I was having dinner at the German restaurant in Jacksonville last week when I noticed there was a miniature golf set-up near the vineyard. It got me thinking, didn’t there used to be a miniature golf course somewhere in west Medford?

— Harley R., Central Point

Most people, think miniature golf arrived in the Rogue Valley when the Family Fun Center opened up shop near the county fairgrounds a few decades ago.

But go back a half-century and you will find there was something called Golf-O-Rama on Stewart Avenue. It was located on the south side of the street, where the Purple Parrot parties today.

The operation was owned by Richard Randolph, and it had all the usual bells and whistles of its era, the windmill, the pool traps and, of course, the disappearing ball hole on the 18th hole.

The course was strategically located about three minutes from the old Medford High School — before North and South split — so it was a favorite hangout for teens.

Golf-O-Rama was first listed in the 1964 Bell Telephone book, and was last listed in the 1980-81 book.

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