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It's easy to keep score with our comics

I want to know why the Mail Tribune always put the comics in the sports section? It doesn’t work for me.

— Mary T., Talent

Ahhh, come on, Mary.

What would our favorite beagle do if he wasn’t able ice skate with Lucy, or how could we possibly understand Charlie Brown’s circumstances if he didn’t get undressed by a hot liner?

There is no particular chiseled-in-stone rationale for the Mail Tribune pairing the comics with sports. But if you read the comics carefully, you will find winners and losers.

Generally, the comics are placed where there are two facing non-color pages, but we hope the 15 daily comics brighten your day.

Most days, the newspaper contains two sections, with news in the A section and sports leading the second, or B section. While in the long ago past, the comics might have found their way into the A section, there are practical reasons for placing them in the B section.

More often than not, the front section has the majority of display advertisements, so there is more space in the B section to drop in a page of comics and puzzles.

In the past, when the comics were sometimes placed in the A section, editors would ask to move them to another section to make more room from local, national and world news. While there are more sections on Friday, we’re told by the folks who create the pages, it still makes sense to group them with sports.

On Sunday, the full-color comics run as an insert.

On Wednesday, you will find the comics served up with the food section. We hope, of course, that makes it more palatable for you.

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