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Verdict still out on Orchard Glen lot

The Orchard Glen apartments on West Main Street have been completed for quite some time, yet the lot on Main that was used for building supplies remains undeveloped. Does the builder intend on leaving it in that condition?

— Tim A., via email

The short answer to your question, Tim, is no. But don’t worry, we at the SYA Housing Headquarters have more information than that to share with you.

Danette Jones, director of operations at sister property Charles Point, said the property manager is considering a few options to deal with the .75 acres at the front of the Orchard Glen apartments.

She declined to give examples of options on the table, however, saying she didn’t want to give inaccurate information.

“The thing is, it’s private property,” she said.

Jones said she thought Orchard Glen needs to work out zoning issues with the city before it can develop the lot. According to Jackson County property records, .35 acres of the land is classed as commercial land, and the remaining .4 acres is industrial.

“I would love to not have to worry about city planning and just pave it over,” Jones said. “I know they’ve made inquiries, but I think they haven’t heard anything back.”

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