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Texas PitStop Bar-B-Que brisket, ribs and chicken were awesome

I was talking barbecue with my friend Tom the other day. We were comparing notes on places we used to like — Beezy’s Back Porch in Ashland and San Antonio Star by the railroad tracks in Medford came to mind. There was a place down on Main Street in Medford, it wasn’t Digger O’Dells, that was upstairs. I can’t remember much about it, except they had some of the best barbecue.

—Andrew K., Phoenix

A check of our files may have your answer, Andrew. Restaurants come and go, some lasting longer than others. But you’re right, Texas PitStop Bar-B-Que, 317 E. Main St., cooked up a pretty mean brisket.

Spurred on by neighbors and people who got a whiff of their barbecue, Jeff and RoseAngela Williams launched a catering business in August 2000, and then Sal Mellelo and others encouraged them to think about a downtown location.

“I felt that Jeff has a god-given talent and made the best ribs I ever tasted,” Mellelo said. “Since there were so many empty buildings downtown, it made sense if someone was able to give him a chance, he would be very successful. I believe in him as a person and his ribs speak for themselves.”

The place was good enough that when Mike Desimone opened San Antonio Star Steak House and Saloon a year later, he noted there was always more room for barbecue.

“I’ve got a book that shows everybody that does barbecue in Texas, and my goal is for my wife and I to try every one of them before we die,” Desimone said. “A town the size of Central Point in Texas would have three barbecues.”

Restaurants eventually run their course, and today Jackson Creek Pizza operates in the old barbecue location.

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