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Fosbury's gold safe and sound

There is a story that Dick Fosbury’s gold medal was stolen after he won it in Mexico City. If this story is true, was it ever recovered?

— Larry S., Jacksonville

We have it from the lips — or at least, the fingers (it was an email) — of the man himself, Larry, that this rumor of a stolen gold medal is just that: a rumor.

“I have been very lucky so far and haven’t lost it,” Fosbury wrote in response to an email inquiry.

“I did have it replated, though, in Italy, when I began to notice it was looking more silver than gold after sharing it with kids and letting them handle it,” he wrote.

He keeps this memento of athletic excellence in his sock drawer, he said.

“Don’t hang it up on the wall yet,” Fosbury wrote. “Maybe someday.”

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