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Alleged deer shooter on the lam

Whatever happened in that Shady Cove case where the guy was arrested for shooting target arrows that were found protruding from two separate deer in Shady Cove? I never saw a follow-up story to the case.

— Mark, via email

Well, Mark, this case from last summer has stalled in court because the man accused of shooting those black-tailed deer in Shady Cove is on the lam.

An arrest warrant was issued Jan. 3 for defendant David Dwayne Logsdon after he failed to attend his Jackson County Circuit Court arraignment Jan. 2, according to court records.

A Jackson County Grand Jury indicted Logsdon Dec. 13, on two felony counts of first-degree animal abuse and two misdemeanor charges of taking a game mammal in closed season. He was ordered to court but he never showed, court records show.

Logsdon, who is also a convicted sex offender, is accused of shooting two blacktail does in late April with old-style arrows with practice tips while inside Shady Cove city limits.

One deer was shot in the head and mouth, and the other through its neck, in what Oregon State Police Fish and Wildlife Division Sgt. Jim Collom at the time called malicious.

The deer were seen by several people over several days in the Mason Way area with the arrows protruding from their bodies. OSP troopers and Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife biologists were able to capture, sedate and successfully remove the arrows before freeing the animals.

The arrows, which did not have hunting broadheads on them, did not strike any vital organs, and the deer were expected to recover.

After a three-month investigation fueled by community tips and a $2,600 reward, OSP troopers were led to Logsdon, who ironically was one of the community members Collom talked to when trying to find the wounded deer, according to police reports.

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