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Curiosity piqued by new building in south Medford

What is the new building going up on South Pacific Highway going to be used for? It is next door to Holton Homes. There is no information as to what its future will be. I ride by every day and it has my curiosity piqued.

— Ruth D., Medford

We assume you’re talking about the 2-acre property just south of Holton Creek Homes at 3425 S. Pacific Highway that used to have Hemingway’s Vintage Homes, Ruth.

It’s going to become a warehouse to store aluminum, used mainly for architectural panels.

The company that’s building the warehouse is Coast Aluminum and Architectural Inc. of Portland, which has offices throughout the West Coast.

This will be the company’s newest warehouse, and it’s the first time it’s built a facility in the Medford area.

The building will be a holding facility for aluminum materials, which will be picked up and dropped off for building projects on the West Coast.

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