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Replacement license plate stickers are free

I have a question regarding Oregon license plate stickers. I understand there’s a law requiring the month and year stickers to be placed on the plate where they’re clearly visible. I know they can make you correct them, but what if they’re placed upside down?

— Keith, via email

It seems simple enough to remember where to put the month and year sticker, but we all have known someone who got punchy and mixed the corners up.

That said, it’s worth noting that the 50 different Oregon plate designs that need stickers — from “amateur radio operator” to “utility trailer” — all put the month on the left and the year on the right.

We reached out to DMV spokesman David House with a litany of possible sticker scenarios and their legality, but House had a simple solution: hop on over to the DMV and get a new set of stickers at no additional cost.

It’s possible that a police officer could cite you for improper display of validating stickers, according to House.

Oregon law books show that improperly displaying a sticker is a Class D traffic violation — that’s the lowest that traffic violations go — but it’s still a presumptive fine of $115 and at least $65.

In contrast to that minor inconvenience, replacement stickers are free at the DMV.

Staff can look up your car’s registration and get you on your way with fresh, legible stickers that’ll pass even the strictest ticketing officer’s standards.

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