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ROSEBUD ORIGINAL COMMENTARY: Only sore losers skip Electoral College

Since Donald Trump won the presidency, democrats have campaigned saying popular votes, not the electoral college, should determine a winner. Those candidates propose that we get rid of the electoral college. And sure enough, it plays well with some voters, and those hours of opinion talk cable news.

Larry Mendte explains that the electoral college is in place to prevent large states like California from having too much voting power. Should a political party that loses the White House need to change the rules or should they concentrate on getting the vote out and look forward? Watch Larry's commentary, and see what you think.

Larry Mendte is a television, radio, online and print anchor and reporter and a multiple Emmy-award winning commentator based in the New York area. His commentaries have been syndicated around the country. He first started at KIEM in Eureka, California.

Larry Mendte talks about the importance of the electoral college