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ROSEBUD ORIGINAL COMMENTARY: Strong medicine for young parents

There is a growing sentiment that as a parent, you have the right to choose whether or not your child is vaccinated. There are even proposals in state legislatures, including Oregon, to ban mandatory vaccinations. It has moved from a question of public health to a question of personal rights and liberties, but should it ever have morphed to that? In this forceful commentary, Larry Mendte lays out the facts that often are not talked about. Children are dying in increasing numbers from the measles, a disease that had been wiped out in the United States as we entered the 21st Century. A medical report which turned out to be refuted and deemed fraudulent is cited by many as starting this mess, and Larry Mendte lays it all out and makes the strong argument for a clear path on what should happen now. So our question: do you agree, or do you object? Watch this commentary and let us know what you think.

Larry Mendte is a television, radio, online and print anchor and reporter and a multiple Emmy-award winning commentator based in the New York area. His commentaries have been syndicated around the country. He first started at KIEM in Eureka, California.

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