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Joana and Chris Hurley are a couple in Southern Oregon raising a family while working in the cannabis industry. Fire and Water, located in Ashland, Oregon, fills a particular niche in the cannabis industry. As it’s name implies, they provide recreational and medicinal users with a means to an end. Hurley Glass is located in Medford and is the shop where Chris produces the pieces Joanna sells in Ashland. Chris saw the excess glass pieces he produced at his shop in Medford and saw an opportunity to open a retail store. An opportunity that would set them in a new direction. It’s an interesting time in the era of cannabis legalization. Maand Pa Shops like Fire and Water aren’t dirty little secrets anymore. They’re pillars of the community as well. Despite being pillars of the community, Chris and Joanna are aware of the stigma still surrounding marijuana and do their best to provide a quality life for their family.

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