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ROSEBUD ORIGINAL COMMENTARY: The Mueller Report Redactions

The Mueller Report -- all 300+ pages of it -- will soon be sent to Congress. And when it does, it will have redactions. Lines of the report turned into black bars. Likely many lines. And therein lies the political fight that is only starting to heat up but is already consuming the 24/7 opinion channels on cable that used to report news 24/7.

So in this Commentary, Larry Mendte takes the time to offer balance and soberly lays out what will be redacted and why. And then goes on to explain what may be redacted that will only be political fodder for members in Congress and new fuel to keep the 24/7 cable channels yelling predictable positions.

Lost in all of this, Americans are not getting a fair view from many news outlets, and that's what this Rosebud Commentary tries to accomplish. Watch Larry's commentary, and see what you think. Beyond taking sides, there is much to consider, and we invite you to let us know what you think.

Larry Mendte is a television, radio, online and print anchor and reporter and a multiple Emmy-award winning commentator based in the New York area. His commentaries have been syndicated around the country. He first started at KIEM in Eureka, California.

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