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ROSEBUD ORIGINAL VIDEO: SO Famous Wine Belle Fiore Winery

SO Famous Wine is a series highlighting the Southern Oregon wine industry. In this video, we meet winemaker Rob Folin and tour the impressive Belle Fiore Winery.

Belle Fiore Winery in Ashland has established itself as a top tier producer of Southern Oregon wine. Winemaker Rob Folin takes great pride in his work and considers Belle Fiore's Tempranillo to be special and his personal favorite. For Bella Fiore, a secret to success is the complete vineyard-to-table approach that has made it a popular destination. Years of growing brings experience. And with experience, comes wisdom. Rob's philosophy to growing great fruit is simple, keep the vines happy and balanced. Then just don't screw it up in the process.

You can visit Belle Fiore Winery in Ashland and enjoy a taste of what they have to offer. Or check them out online at bellefiorewine.com

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