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ROSEBUD ORIGINAL VIDEO: Clean Our Air Now! Smoke and Tourism

In a recent economic survey conducted by Eva Skuratowicz, Karen Miller-Loessi, Anne Wolke, and Mark Shibley of SOURCE - and in partnership with Bob Hackett of Travel Oregon - the effects of wildfire smoke on tourism was baselined.

Owning a business is hard work. Especially when that business is tourism. Fires have already started popping up in 2019 and locals and businesses are desperate for reliable facts that can help them stay open. Even big businesses that have been here for decades suffered major losses in 2018 with the Oregon Shakespeare Festival losing close to $2 million dollars and Hellgate Jetboats $650,000.

The smoke is affecting business owners' ability to present their services honestly in a way that draws tourism into the valley. It's hard to advertise a business offering scenic views of the Rogue River when smoke clouds everything. Outdoor business owners are adding their voices to the demand for fire control. And with any luck, the results of wildfire smoke survey cannot be ignored thanks to SOURCE.

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Smoke plays a major role in return business for outdoor tourism.