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Pomodori fire cause undetermined

I haven’t seen a story on whether a cause has been determined for the Pomodori restaurant fire that burned an awning last month. Has there been an update?

— Curious

The official cause is undetermined, according to Deputy Fire Marshal Steve Parks with Medford Fire-Rescue.

The May 20 fire, which destroyed an awning at the restaurant’s entrance and some vegetation on an ivy-covered wall, was first thought to have been caused by a light mounted over the awning that short circuited due to a failed ballast. A witness claimed to have seen sparks and material falling from the light onto the awning. But an investigation showed the light ballast was OK.

“Ultimately we were able to get the fixture down on the ground and take a closer look at it,” Parks said. “And it was determined that it was, in fact, not responsible for the fire.”

No other “competent ignition sources” were identified. Whenever fire investigators can’t nail a cause down, it’s classified as undetermined. However, if new information comes to light, that could change.

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