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What kind of odor does hemp put out?

I was wondering if there will be a strong odor with hemp at harvest time like with marijuana?

— Jerry H., Ashland

Indeed, Jerry, there will be a strong scent from all those hemp grows in Jackson County.

In fact, hemp smells pretty much the same as all those cannabis grows out there.

We might actually have a bigger odor issue during late summer and early fall, because there are 8,500 acres of hemp growing out there.

A local school complained last year about hemp grow sites nearby.

As an aside, we’ve found two distinct camps on the question of odor. Marijuana lovers generally enjoy the smell, and even appreciate its skunkiness, while others say it smells like a pine forest.

Those who hate weed say it smells like manure or garbage.

Other crops certainly have their smells. Alfalfa has a tartness or tanginess that is rather pleasing.

Poultry operations have a distinct odor, as well. Pig farms have a decidedly off-putting aroma, and dairy farms can make you question your decision to drink milk.

If you don’t like the odor of hemp, Jerry, the good news is that it will be all gone by the end of October.

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