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Ashland man's trash is (still) his cash

Owing to the efforts of waste management staff in northern California, a Southern Oregon man’s small fortune was been spared from the recycled fate of its box..

Recology staff out of Humboldt County shared a “Eureka!” moment Friday on Facebook, sharing the lengths that waste management staff went to find an Ashland customer’s more than $22,000 left in at least one shoe box left inside in recycling bins.

“When you get a call from Recology Ashland that someone mistakenly had some shoeboxes full of cash put in their curbside recycling, you look for it,” the post reads. “Eureka! We found it! Called the Recology Ashland customer that lost it and made his day!”

The post shows multiple staff members at a Recology sorting facility on the Samoa Peninsula counting and binding the customer’s cash in denominations of $20, $50 and $100 bills and totaling $22,940.

According to a report in the Lost Coast Outpostin Ferndale, California, the Ashland customer, who left the cash in a Vans shoebox, was expected to pick up his cash in California Friday or Saturday.

Recology staff recovered more than $22,000 inadvertently ditched by an Ashland customer. Recology photo.
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