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Concrete markers may be for surveying

On Siskiyou Boulevard between Normal Avenue and Glendale Avenue, there are three square cement markers. Are they boundary markers for something, or what? Are there any others in Ashland?

— Jo

Without knowing the exact location of the markers, it’s hard to say for sure exactly what you found, according to Jackson County Surveyor Scott Fein.

Fein said a cursory review of records shows there are a number of survey monuments in that area, and countless more throughout Ashland and the Rogue Valley as a whole.

Monuments in the area include public and private land survey corners, right-of-way corners and geodetic control points, he said.

For people not familiar with surveying lingo, survey monuments are also called survey markers. They are often made of metal or metal plus concrete, and they mark points on the Earth’s surface.

Fein said survey monuments are scattered everywhere and guide our physical and legal system of property ownership.

To know exactly what a monument represents, a licensed land surveyor needs to research records and marks on the ground, then verify information through measurements, he said.

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