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Why doesn't Medford have food truck events?

I read an article and editorial in the Mail Tribune about the new, more relaxed regulations for food trucks in Medford. It brought to mind something I’ve been wondering about for some time. Reno, Nevada, has events during the summer called “Food Truck Friday” that features 30 to 40 food trucks at a public park. They also have a couple of vendors selling wine and beer. It’s very successful and well attended. I know of other cities that do it, as well. Why not here? It seems we have enough food trucks and plenty of public park space. Do you think the Parks and Recreation Department has ever considered this?

— Bill F., Medford

We’ve certainly seen food trucks in public parks on many occasions, Bill. Every Thursday in Hawthorne Park, the Grower’s Market features a number of mobile food trucks. Pear Blossom Park also has food trucks during certain events.

We checked in with Rich Rosenthal, Medford parks director, and he said he appreciates your suggestion about a food truck event at a public park.

Rosenthal said the city frequently partners with community groups to bring food trucks to events in local parks.

“A large-scale Reno-type of event may require space and infrastructure that may not be currently feasible or available, but we’re always open to ideas,” Rosenthal said.

Anyway, Bill, thanks for bringing up a good idea for Medford.

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