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Goodbye summer, hello fall

Summer is in the rear-view mirror as the region shifts into fall, dominated by cool, wet weather and a frost warning for Tuesday night.

Showers that swept over the valley this weekend will continue to wet streets through Monday, but get ready to bundle up for chilly nighttime temperatures ahead.

Frost in outlying areas is expected Monday night, but the valley floor could also see frost Tuesday night when temperatures are expected to plunge into the 30s.

“People still have gardens out there, so they need to know what might be coming,” said Connie Clarstrom, meterologist with the National Weather Service in Medford.

The colder weather will usher in a short period of drier weather, but starting Thursday another low-pressure trough will possibly bring in more showers, Clarstrom said.

“We’re in a fall pattern, so we will see dry and warm periods and periods of cooler and wet,” she said.

By next weekend, sunny skies will prevail again, though temperatures will hit the mid-70s, with a very distant possibility of an 80-degree day.

“And then we go back for one more trough,” Clarstrom said.

So, we’ll likely get more showers in the early part of next week.

Sunday’s daytime temperature hit the mid-50s, but it should be the coldest day of the week, with daytime temperatures climbing up to the mid 60s through the rest of the week.

For the water year, according to the National Weather Service, Medford received 21.69 inches of rain by Sept. 29, or 3.39 inches above the average of 18.3 inches for Medford. The end of the water year is Sept. 29, and the new water year starts Oct. 1.

In just the month September, we received 1.77 inches of rain, far higher than the average 0.52 inch. The record rainfall for September was set in 1977 when 2.8 inches fell.

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Expect more wet, cold weather with a few periods of warm and dry.