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A fair for body, mind and wallet

More than 60 holistic practitioners, natural health advocates and entrepreneurs will gather Saturday in Ashland at the Conscious Living Fair, setting up booths and introducing the public to a range of “new technologies and ancient wisdom for body, mind and spirit.”

Some 750 people are expected to visit the all-day fair at Ashland Hills Hotel, where they can explore topics such as massage, yoga, reiki, saunas, nutrition, money coaching, skin care, organic farming, CBD products, acupuncture, Tibetan sound healing, supplements, hypnotherapy and art.

“The purpose is to educate our community about holistic healing alternatives and give our amazing healers — sometimes it seems every other person in Ashland is a healer of some kind — the chance to show their expertise and wisdom,” says event manager and business coach Kathy Kali, who will give a talk, “Profit & Wealth for the Heart-Centered Business Owner.”

“Conscious money coaching is inner and outer work,” Kali says. “The inner is your beliefs — what you are capable of and deserve, while the outer is being in action, the work ethic, the connection with community, wealth building, managing money so it doesn’t disappear. And I’m passionate about that because holistic people with money have the ability to help us and the planet and have more positive impact.”

Kali is also a music and dance therapist who “uses music as a way to heal, rejuvenate and inspire myself and others.” She is a longtime folk musician, with sweet Joan Baez-like vocals, positive lyrics, and upbeat guitar rhythms, according to the fair website, consciouslivingfair.com.

The website displays the offerings of all the vendors and presenters. Admission costs $5, and the fair runs from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.

“It’s like a conscious living shopping center, with everything gathered in one big room in a convenient, fun, community way, to help people be more healthy and take charge of their lives,” says Ashlander Will Wilkinson, author of “Now or Never,” a book on “visionary activism.”

His new book, “The Noon Club,” seeks to get people everywhere on the planet to take a noon break for meditation. He says he’s got people from nine countries signed up for it.

His wife, Tashina Wilkinson, will offer her infra-red portable sauna, which radiates heat energy for “deep healing,” but unlike conventional saunas, your head sticks out. You’ll be able to try it out for a few minutes, she notes.

Kristina Lefever will teach “How to Create a Pollinator Garden” to promote bees and butterflies.

Anita Steward, a registered nurse, will talk about homeopathy.

C.J. Thomas will speaks on “Women of Color in Spiritual Leadership.”

The Rev. Kimberly Hawkins of the Center for Spiritual Living Rogue Valley, in Medford, will talk on “Mind Your Peace and Cues: The Path to Inner Peace.”

The holistic consciousness movement is steadily growing, says Kali, in part because of “the troubled times politically, which cause a lot of polarization, making people feel bad, troubled, stressed — and the fair is a place to come and take care of yourself, feel better and strengthen yourself. Plus, we’re the only event of this type in the area, and we emerged at a time and in a way that is wanted by people.”

This will be the third fair in Ashland. Kali is organizing them twice-yearly here and annually in Eugene.

john darling photoTashina Wilkinson demonstrates a sauna to a potential buyer. Wilkinson will be one of the vendors at the Conscious Living Fair in Ashland Saturday.