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Not local? Try Whole Foods for Rogue River Blue

Where can I buy Rogue River Blue Cheese? I am in Colorado.

— Via email

You mean The Best Cheese in the World, as decided by a panel of World Cheese Awards judges?

We’re not being facetious, either; but we assume you know that already, and that your question was spurred by the fact that Rogue River Blue recently won the title of “World Champion Cheese” at the awards Friday in Italy — Not just gouda; not just grate; Rogue River Blue went all the whey.

Your best bet for snagging some right now at a bricks-and-mortar store is Whole Foods, according to Marguerite Merritt, Rogue Creamery cheese emissary and marketing manager.

“Whole Foods generally, nationwide, has some available,” Merritt said. “It varies store to store, but that’s the most likely place to go.”

Beyond that, Rogue Creamery recommends calling local specialty food stores or cheese shops.

If you want more of a virtual shopping cart experience, you can purchase it and others directly from the creamery’s website, www.roguecreamery.com/store.

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