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Rogue Pack wolves strike again

The Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife has confirmed new kills by a group of Southern Oregon wolves called the Rogue Pack.

A 300-pound calf was found dead by a ranch hand last Friday, and a second 300-pound calf was found dead Saturday in the Rancheria area of Jackson County near the border with Klamath County, according to a press release issued by ODFW.

The Rogue Pack, which includes the famous wandering wolf OR-7, is suspected of killing more than a dozen livestock animals in western Jackson and eastern Klamath counties, according to ODFW.

The calf found dead at about 9 a.m. Friday was in a grass pasture on private land. Most of the muscle tissue from the hind legs as well as most organs had been consumed. The 5-month-old calf was estimated to have died within 12 hours of being discovered dead, ODFW said.

The calf had bite wounds on its legs, abdomen, shoulders and back. Bite marks, bleeding and muscle tissue trauma were similar to injuries observed on other calves attacked by wolves, the agency said.

"This depredation is attributed to wolves of the Rogue Pack," ODFW said in a summary of its investigation.

The second calf was about 7 months old and was also in a pasture on private land. A ranch hand found its body at about 7 a.m. Saturday, and ODFW believes it also died within 12 hours of being found.

Unlike the first calf, the second calf's carcass was largely intact, with about 95 percent of the muscle tissue and hide still remaining, ODFW said.

ODFW's report attributed the second killing to the Rogue Pack, as well.

Ranchers in the Rogue Pack's range have used a variety of tactics to try and fend off the wolves, including guard dogs, electric fences, lights, bright flags, noisemakers and a flailing, inflatable dancer like those sometimes used to attract people's attention at car dealerships.

The devices have scared off wolves at first, until they become used to them.

The Rogue Pack has killed more calves, according to an Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife investigation. AP file photo of a wolf.
Wolf OR-7 is pictured in southwest Oregon.{ } AP Photo / USFWS