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There is a bag for snipe in Oregon

I’m considered a bit gullible at times, and I’m not sure I should believe this. A friend said there really is a bird in Oregon called a snipe. Is that true?

— Maryanne R., Medford

Ah, Maryanne, we think someone’s been playing games with you. You know, the one about how to catch a snipe?

Southern legend says you run through the woods with an open bag yelling, “Here, Snipe!” and the stupid birds run smack into your sack.

Well, you won’t catch too many snipe that way, but there is some truth rooted in the joke.

First, there are snipe in Oregon — really.

The Wilson’s snipe, scientifically called Gallinago delicata, is a member of the sandpiper family.

They’re a medium-sized shorebird with a long bill used to forage worms and other invertebrates from bogs.

They don’t live in the woods but they love wetlands, like the Denman Wildlife Area in White City.

In southwest Oregon, the season runs Nov. 2 through Feb. 16. And just for you MaryAnne, the “bag” limit is eight a day.

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