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If I don't sign my ballot right, will it be disqualified?

If a person’s signature changes due to a health issue, will that person’s ballot be disqualified?

— Janet S., Medford

Your signature is important, Janet, and Jackson County Elections Center workers are diligently looking for any problems related to how you sign your name.

But, fear not, the Elections Center is aware that health problems can affect signatures. In fact, if a signature on a voter registration card doesn’t match the signature on a ballot, the voter has 14 days after an election to remedy the issue by providing a fresh signature.

People who forget to sign their ballots are also notified and given a chance to have their votes counted.

Elections Center workers get training in identifying signatures from a former Oregon State Police forensic signature examiner.

Multiple people at the Elections Center might review a particular signature to verify that it is legitimate before reaching out to a voter for further verification.

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