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Rogue Pack blamed for two calf kills

OR-7’s Rogue Pack of protected gray wolves taste for beef hasn’t waned, but this time it’s moved from Ted Birdseye’s ranch to the Rancheria area, authorities said.

The pack on Monday was officially blamed for the killings of two cow calves found in two consecutive days last week in the Rancheria area east of Butte Falls, according to the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife.

A 300-pound calf was found dead Wednesday in a private grass pasture, with its abdomen open and organs gone but otherwise was largely in tact, according to the ODFW. It suffered bite marks and scratches consistent with a wolf attack, according to an ODFW report on the incident.

The following morning a 250-pound calf was found dead with very similar injuries on private grass-land pasture, according to the ODFW.

Both kills were in the Rogue Pack’s general area of activity, and both depredations were blamed on the Rogue Pack, the ODFW reported late Monday.

The kills are the 14th and 15th attributed to the Rogue Pack since March.

The Rogue Pack and other wolves in Western Oregon are federally protected as endangered species under the federal Endangered Species Act.

State and federal wildlife biologists have been trying to trap one of the Rogue Pack wolves in order to fit it with a GPS collar for tracking purposes, but they have not been able to do so.

OR-7 gained international fame for its trek from northeast Oregon to southwest Oregon and Northern California before it found a mate and settled in eastern Jackson and western Klamath counties.

In recent years, however, the pack’s livestock kills have made it notorious as the largest inflicter of livestock predation in Oregon in 2018, with its 11 livestock and dog kills nearly twice that of any other Oregon pack that calendar year.

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