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The future of library construction bonds

When the $39 million in bonds to remodel or build new libraries is paid off, will that amount stop being taken out of my property taxes? Fingers crossed!

— Trina

Jackson County will stop assessing that specific tax when the bonds are paid in full in 2020, according to Danny Jordan, county administrator.

Voters approved the construction bonds in 2000 to build or remodel existing libraries throughout the county.

A second property tax for libraries will remain in effect. Voters approved those taxes in 2014 when they backed the creation of a permanent library district to fund operations.

Voters approved operating money for the libraries after years of see-saw funding and uncertainty, including a system-wide closure in 2007.

Jackson County’s government lost millions of dollars per year from a drop-off in logging on federal lands. The U.S. Forest Service and federal Bureau of Land Managements share a portion of timber proceeds with counties since counties can’t collect property taxes off federal land.

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