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Daylight saving time change depends on California

Have Washington and California passed a law to remain on daylight saving time beginning in 2020? I read Oregon will do the same when these states pass the law.

— Kathy

Oregon lawmakers did pass a bill that would keep the state on daylight saving time year round, which would mean no more rolling the clocks back an hour in November. Some areas of Eastern Oregon would be exempt.

The catch, Kathy, is that both Washington and California have to pass similar laws. After all, we need to keep the entire West Coast in sync.

Washington lawmakers have enacted similar legislation, and California voters cast ballots directing lawmakers there to do the same. But the bill stalled in the state senate. California lawmakers have vowed to revisit the issue in 2020.

All three states also face another hurdle because Congress has to sign off on it.

There is a 2029 deadline built into the Oregon law, but hopefully we won’t have to wait that long.

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