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It is up to stores to enforce EV parking

I recently saw a story about electric car parking spots being taken by nonelectric cars. I’ve seen the same problem in Coos Bay at a store parking lot. Sometimes electric car owners there need to wait half an hour for illegally parked cars to move, just so the EV driver can charge their car and get home. Police in Coos Bay say it’s not their problem. Are there any laws in Medford on the books?

— Trent K., via email

We reached out to Medford police Lt. Mike Budreau, who found “nothing enforceable” in either Oregon law or Medford’s municipal code related to gas vehicles parked in front of chargers at parking lots belonging to stores.

“I would say it is like any other sign such as Veteran Parking or spaces set aside for curbside delivery for food,” Budreau said. “The business can mark the place as they see fit, but there is nothing we can do to enforce violations of what is essentially their rule or policy.”

We should note that those blue ADA-accessible parking spaces are definitely not in the same class as spaces reserved for online grocery pickup.

Handicap parking spaces are protected by state law rather than store policy, and police can cite drivers who park in handicap spaces without an Oregon-issued placard that identifies the driver or passenger as disabled. It’s a Class C violation carrying a maximum fine of $500 and a presumptive fine of $165.

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