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Roundabout project won't close road

A friend of mine told me that the new roundabout planned for Highway 140 in White City would close the road down while some of the work is underway this summer. Should I find an alternate route to get to Lake of the Woods while construction is underway, and how long will the road be shut down?

— Bill B., Central Point

We don’t know where your friend got his information, Bill, but it wasn’t from the Mail Tribune.

It’s true that the Oregon Department of Transportation plans to start building the $3.75 million roundabout this summer.

It’s not true that the road will be shut down, though there will likely be some slight delays during various stages of the project.

To avoid a big traffic nightmare, the roundabout will be built to the south of the existing Highway 140, near Jackson County Sports Park off Kershaw Road.

Because most of the construction work will involve creating a new stretch of road to allow vehicles to safely enter the 200-foot roundabout, traffic should be able to flow fairly normally.

In addition to the roundabout, Jackson County is planning to extend Foothill Road to the north so it connects with the roundabout at Highway 140.

The roundabout will also connect with Atlantic Avenue.

If you’re heading to Lake of the Woods from Central Point, we suggest you still take Highway 140 this summer.

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