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Where can I find ghosts?

I’ve been to the cemetery in Jacksonville and another one in Ashland that both make you feel like you’re living with ghosts. When I moved here a few years ago, someone once told me that Medford has an interesting cemetery, but I haven’t seen it yet and don’t know much about it. Could you tell me where it is and a bit of information about it? As you may surmise, I’m a bit of a cemetery buff and don’t mind sharing this dimension with a few ghosts.

— Rebecca S., Ashland

Before we start this seance, Rebecca, we should warn our readers to expect a few goose bumps from hearing about this hidden cemetery that is closer than you might expect.

Medford has a few cemeteries, but we think you’re referring to the Medford I.O.O.F. Eastwood Cemetery, though we should point out that the IOOF doesn’t stand for Inter-dimensional, Otherworldly Office of Fairies, but rather the Independent Order of Odd Fellows.

The Eastwood Cemetery was bought by the I.O.O.F. Lodge in 1890 for $700, and its glory days occurred from 1890 to 1915, when the ghosts had free rein over east Medford. You can even look up the cemetery and mausoleum database on the city of Medford’s website at https://www.ci.medford.or.us/Page.asp?NavID=3478.

According to the city’s website, “Medford, which once looked east toward the place its dead were buried, now envelops that place.” Isn’t that spine tingling?

The cemetery is surrounded by houses, and it’s located off Siskiyou Boulevard, a short distance from the roundabout, and across the street from Bear Creek Park.

The official address is 1581 Siskiyou Boulevard, but you need to keep your eyes open because the entrance isn’t that obvious. So get ready for an otherworldly place hidden among the subdivisions of east Medford.

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